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We believe in the horse’way & consider every one of them as an individual.

We propose “a taylor made” prep’method that use hand walking, parading, horsewalker & lunging.

We own an covered arena,”B”carpet horsewalker and pathways  for handwalking.

We are able to consign horses for Arqana, BBAG, Osarus & Tatts ‘sales.



Our strengths are that we remain traditional, with a professional and dynamic approach

In your decision to board with us, au Lieu des Champs, we will help ensure that you get the best out of your horse

We pride ourselves in producing winners each year over both flat and national hunt

We work with skilled vets, chiropractors, blacksmiths who we know will provide the best level of service.



Periods of rest can often be required during a horse’s racing career. The Haras du Lieu des Champs offers extensive grazing and paddocks for horses recovering from injury or those that need a break.  There are also practical shelters/small paddocks for horses that need to reduce their mobility yet would benefit from being outside.



Richard Powell
Owner & Manager

Created in 1980 & purchased by Richard Powell in 2013, The Lieu des Champs is based in the heart of « Auge »’s country, just 35 minutes from Deauville & 2 hours from Paris.

Our services are breeding, Arqana/ Osarus/ Tatts & BBAG ‘consignment but as well as lay-offs/convalescences for racehorses.

The stud is providing a taylor-made breeding service , with a modern set up.

Richard Powell, after travelling the world (US,OZ,Ire,UK…), managing a new identity of commercial stud-farm with a family-owned business for a “Made in France” era.

Les infrastructures




Richard Powell took over the family stud, Haras du Lieu des Champs, in 2013.  It was originally a dairy farm that has been developed as a stud farm in 1980. The traditional timber framed outbuildings date back to 1730 and over the last 30 years have been converted into stables


The stud expands over 220 acres and there are 5-8 full time employees. The facilities include varying sized shelters and approximately 90 boxes, which are well ventilated and ideal for stabling the horses.

Since the beginning of its activities, the Haras du Lieu des Champs has put in place a policy that is concerned with the ecology and welfare of animals.

We are confronted on a daily basis with the problem of what we will leave for future generations and it is for this reason that the stud has developed means of energy preservation such as the use of solar energy, the collection of rainwater for non-drink needs, the use of electric vehicles
as well as the choice of local suppliers to reduce the rate of carbon released into the air...

In September 2014, at the Alltech World Equestrian Games, Haras du Lieu des Champs received the award "EQUURES" which is the first environmental quality mark specifically adapted to the equine industry in all its components and its diversity.

Appeared at the end of the 80s, the notion of "sustainable development" has gradually been imposed on all human activities: all sectors of economic and social life are now concerned, including of course, agricultural activities, to which the equine sector is linked.

That is why, faced with the increasing demands of society, and the regulatory requirements that ensue from it, the Council of Horses of BasseNormandie wished to set up "EQUURES", an action program for sustainable development in the region. horse industry.

The Haras du Lieu des Champs has recent infrastructures to accommodate horses in the best conditions:

  • 90 boxes including 5 foalings boxes (equipped with cameras and infra-red lamps),

  • Walker equipped with a non-slip and cushioning mat,

  • 90 hectars of grassland,

  • Arena in fiber sand,

  • Veterinary room with a solarium,

  • Safe shower area,

  • Germoir,

  • 6 sheds with exercise area,

  • Dedicated hay shed,

  • Boarding ramp,

  • Quarantine unit ...

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